Van Fletcher :: Allen Tate Real Estate
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Van Fletcher :: Allen Tate Real Estate
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Van Fletcher

The moment Van Fletcher started talking with us about this project a few things were instantly clear. His brand video needed to be as authentic as he is, we must show his team’s gritty devotion to clients, and make the viewer feel the intensity of his work ethic.

All that – plus the challenge of making a branding video pleasurable to watch all the way to the end – lead us to shoot ENG style (electronic news gathering) for much of the footage. Keeping up with Van was a challenge. I’m not kidding.

We interviewed Van twice and pulled content from both to secure the narrative. After following him around with a camera for a few days, and covering some move in and staging events, plus a couple open houses, and we had most of footage we needed. The remaining shots where produced to fit specific parts of the narrative.

The music was composed and performed by Rod Abernethy once we had a rough edit, then we finessed the rest.

All the scenes involved either his team or his clients – they were gracious enough to contribute their time. The final cut may just be the fastest 3 minutes in real estate.