David Burney Music :: I Forgive It All
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David Burney Music :: I Forgive It All
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David Burney is an AIGA Fellow and the "father of graphic design" in Raleigh, NC. Somewhere in the last decade, after a trip to Austin, TX, he decided to start a band with a group of friends. Nothing more than backyard fun. Enter a deep interest in the music of Johnny Cash and the DNA for sounding similar, and there you have it. David is currently touring "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash", a one man show about Johnny's life and music. In this video, David plays a song by Tom Petty that he "knows" Johnny Cash would have played given the chance.

Official Music Video for David Burney Music promoting his one man show: “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”

Performed by David Burney
Written by Tom Petty
Director / Editor, Bruce DeBoer
Key Grip / Lighting Design, Bryan Hoffman
2nd Camera, Daryl Ray Carliles, Back-to-One Prod.
Prod. Assistant, Morgan Pines, Back-to-One Prod.
Location: Historical Hephzebah Baptist Church
Deep Appreciation to: Charlie Wood