Performed by David Burney Written by Tom Petty Production: OryxPictures.com Director / Editor, Bruce DeBoer Key Grip / Lighting Design,...
What's an Oryx?
The Oryx is an Antelope; powerful yet graceful in motion with a gentle arc to their horns – like a great story. Sadly some species of Oryx are in danger of extinction – like fine craftsmanship. But it's not over yet, some passionate people are working hard to keep them alive.

Oryx is a Strategic Creative Fulfillment Company that chases virtuosity.

We’re thinkers and makers of stuff: the audible and visual, not the tactile or chemosensory – like watching a leaping Oryx distant enough to hear but not smell.

We don’t stink. In fact, if you ask around, all of our Creatives have a damn good reputation for bathing and delivering  world-class commercial and editorial stories through video, design, photography and sound.

At the Oryx heart are lead by a well-groomed visual professional – Bruce DeBoer – who has 39 years of experience separating the great from good with production companies, agencies and corporations.

We prefer great. Great means the final project is efficient, compelling, well crafted, and emotionally linked to your brand – something that will not soon go extinct. Great means that the company we keep are highly capable professionals who still have fun but know when it’s time to go heads down with horns out front.

Furthermore, we all know how to craft a great story because we’ve lived long enough to have some of our own.

“Peripheral visionaries with a passion for compelling stories.”


Domenick Rella :: Founding Partner / Creative Director, Engine Brand-Makers

“No pun intended, but when it comes to photography Bruce thinks big picture. He’s constantly thinking beyond the shot at hand, making sure he’s helping communicate a story. And a story with beautiful composition, lighting, and color, but more importantly, emotion. That’s what Bruce brings to a shoot. That’s what lifts Bruce above other photographers.”

Scott Scaggs – Creative Director, Clean Design

Bruce DeBoer is every bit the consummate professional, well-versed in just about every aspect of production. But he also has the more elusive quality of great taste—and that’s what makes him such a strong partner when bringing ideas to life.

David Burney :: CEO & Partner – New Kind
“Here’s the thing – anybody can buy a great camera. Great photographers possess a drive for perfection. They have a great eye, an engaged brain, and an open spirit. Bruce DeBoer is the real deal. And the total package.