Welcome to OryxCreatives

We crashed! Hard. Hard enough so it’s better to rebuild than repair. In the meantime, please contact Bruce@OryxCreatives.com or visit https://vimeo.com/oryxcreatives/videos to view our video work.

Our new site is coming. We appreciate any patience you can muster.

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About Us.

Oryx is a Strategic Creative Fulfillment Company that chases virtuosity.

We’re thinkers and makers of stuff: the audible and visual, not the tactile or chemosensory – like watching a leaping Oryx distant enough to hear but not smell.

We don’t stink. In fact, if you ask around, all of our Creatives have a damn good reputation for bathing and delivering  world-class commercial and editorial stories through video, design, photography and sound.

At the Oryx heart are lead by a well-groomed visual professional – Bruce DeBoer – who has over 40 years of experience separating the great from good with production companies, agencies and corporations.

We prefer great. Great means the final project is efficient, compelling, well crafted, and emotionally linked to your brand – something that will not soon go extinct. Great means that the company we keep are highly capable professionals who still have fun but know when it’s time to go heads down with horns out front.

Furthermore, we all know how to craft a great story because we’ve lived long enough to have some of our own.

Video and Still Production

Creative Consulting

Still Photography and Film Direction

Visual Story Building